Home Delivery

Are you (or do you know someone who is) unable to leave home, but would love to get library books — or movies, audiobooks, or CDs? You could benefit from our free Home Delivery Service. It’s available:

  • To Champaign residents of all ages who can’t leave home because of a physical condition
  • To homes, apartments, nursing homes, and hospitals
  • On a short-term or long-term basis; an expectant mother on bedrest or a child with a broken leg could get Home Delivery

What We Deliver

We deliver all kinds of books, from bestsellers to paperbacks and large print. You can also get DVDs, audiobooks, CDs, and magazines.

How It Works

First, the Home Delivery Coordinator will visit your home to find out what authors, subjects, music, or movies you enjoy most. Each time you have a delivery, we’ll choose items based on your preferences — or you can request items yourself using the library catalog online.

Then a friendly volunteer will deliver the materials to your door, and pick up any items you are finished with. Rest assured, all of our volunteers have passed a background check.

Deliveries can be made once a month, every two weeks, or on a weekly basis.

Find Out More

Call us at 217/403–2070 or see our printable Home Delivery brochure.

Woman reading in pajamas

Contact Our Home Delivery Coordinator

Marie Bleus-Francois puts together our free Home Delivery program. Contact Marie by sending e-mail to librarian@champaign.org or by calling 217/403–2089.

Marie Bleus-Francois