In the water and on the beach

These recommended resources will help pre-K teachers and parents looking for information on oceans and beaches. For questions or more suggestions, call our children‘s librarians at 217/403–2030.

First Books

  • A Day At the Beach (First Books/FB/Dor) by Lauren Silverhardt

Leveled Readers

  • The Ship (Leveled Readers/E) by Leslie Ellen
  • Sea Animals (Leveled Readers/S) by Peter and Sheryl Sloan
  • Hurray for Rosa! (Leveled Readers/S) by Shelia White Samton

Picture Books

  • D.W. all Wet (Paperback Picture Books/E/B) by Marc Brown
  • A Gift From the Sea (Picture Book /E/Ban) by Kate Banks
  • Fish Wish (Picture Book/E/Bar) by Bob Barner
  • Grandma's Beach (Picture Book /E/Bea) by Rosalind Beardshaw
  • Beach is to Fun (Picture Book E/Bri) by Pat Brisson
  • A Day at the Beach (Picture Book /E/Briant) Ed Briant
  • Secret Seahorse (Picture Book/E/Bla) by Stella Blackstone
  • Mrs. Armitage and the Big Wave (Picture Book /E/Bla) by Quentin Blake
  • Bright Stanley (Picture Book /E/Buckingham) by Matt Buckingham
  • Come Away From the Water, Shirley (Picture Book /E/Bur) by John Burningham
  • Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor (Picture Books/E/C) by Joanna Cole
  • A House for Hermit Crab (Picture Book /E/Car) by Eric Carle
  • Mister Seahorse (Picture Book/E/Car) by Eric Carle
  • I Saw the Sea and the Sea Saw Me (Picture Book/E/Cas) by Megan Montague Cash
  • Big Al (Picture Book/E/Cle) by Andrew Clements
  • On the Way to the Beach (Picture Book /E/Col) by Henry Cole
  • My Life with the Wave (Picture Book /E/Cow) by Catherine Cowan
  • Out of the Ocean (Paperback Picture Book/E/F) by Debra Frasier
  • Gotcha Louie! (Picture Book/E/Her) by H.M. Ehrlich
  • Louie's Goose (Picture Book /E/Her) by H.M. Ehrlich,
  • Papa Fish's Lullaby (Picture Book /E/Hubb) by Patricia Hubbell
  • Sea, Sand, Me! (Picture Book /E/Hubb) by Patricia Hubbell
  • The Old woman and the Wave (Picture Book /E/Jac) by Shelly Jackson
  • Class Three at Sea (Picture Book /E/Jarman) by Julie Jarman
  • Atlantic (Picture Book /E/Kar) by G. Brian Karas
  • Just My Dad and Me (Paperback Picture Book/E/K) by Leah Komaiko
  • Beach Day! (Picture Book/E/Lak ) by Patricia Lakin
  • Swimmy (Picture Book/E/Lio) by Leo Lionni
  • How Will We Get to the Beach? (Picture Book /E/Luciani) by Brigitte Luciani
  • Just Grandma and Me (Picture Book/E /M) by Mercer Mayer
  • Otto Goes to the Beach (Picture Book /E/Par) by Todd Parr
  • Cyrus the Unsinkable Sea Serpent (Picture Book /E/Pee) by Bill Peet
  • Curious George Goes to the Beach (Picture Book/E/Rey) by Margaret Rey
  • Ocean Whisper (Picture Book/E/Roc) by Dennis Rockhill
  • At the Beach (Paperback Picture Books/E/R) by Anne F. Rockwell
  • Beach Day (Picture Book/E/Roo) by Karen Roosa
  • Turtle, Turtle, Watch Out! (Picture Book/E/Say) by April Pulley Sayre
  • All You Need for the Beach (Picture Book E/Sch) by Alice Schertle
  • Ebb and Flo and the Greedy Gulls (Picture Book/E/Sim) by Jane Simmons
  • What the Sea Saw (Picture Book /E/St. Pierre) by Stephanie St. Pierre
  • Strawberry Shortcake at the Beach (Picture Books/E/Strawberry/ by Megan E. Bryant
  • Somewhere in the Ocean (Picture Books/E/War) by Jennifer Ward

Easy Readers

  • Blue's Beach Day (Easy Reader/E/Blue) by Jeff Borkin
  • Sam at the Seaside (Easy Reader/E/Labatt) by Mary Labott
  • Beach Day (Easy Reader/E/Mayer) by Mercer Mayer
  • Poppleton and Friends (Easy Reader/E/Ryl) by Cynthia Rylant
  • Turtle and Snake's Day at the Beach (Easy Reader/E/Spo) by Kate Spohn


  • Mother Osprey : Nursery Rhymes for Buoys and Gulls (Juvenile Nonfiction/J/398.8Nol) by Lucy Nolan
  • Coral Reefs (Juvenile Nonfiction J551.424/Ear) by Sylvie A. Earle
  • What Makes an Ocean Wave (Juvenile Nonfiction/J551.46/Ber) by Melvin Berger
  • Aquaman's Guide to the Oceans (Juvenile Nonfiction J551.46/Gaf) by Jackie Gaff
  • Oceans and Seas (Juvenile Nonfiction/J551.46/Dav) by Nicola Davies
  • Oceans (Juvenile Nonfiction/J551.46/Jac) by Kay Jackson
  • The Sea (Juvenile Nonfiction/J551.46/Lle) by Claire Llewellyn
  • This is the Ocean (Juvenile Nonfiction/J551.48/Ham) by Kerston Hamilton
  • One Small Place by the Sea (Juvenile Nonfiction/J577.699/Bre) by Barbara Brenner
  • What's In the Tide Pool? (Juvenile Nonfiction/J577.699/Hun) by Anne Hunter
  • On the Beach (Juvenile Nonfiction/J577.699/Smi) by Alastair Smith
  • A Day at Seagull Beach (Juvenile Nonfiction/J577.699/Wal) by Karen Wallace
  • Come to the Ocean's Edge (Juvenile Nonfiction/J577.7/Pri) by Laurence Pringle
  • Under the Sea (Juvenile Nonfiction/J577.7/Smi) by Alastair Smith
  • Find It at the Beach (Juvenile Nonfiction/J578.769/Phi) by Dee Phillips
  • Along the Seashore (Juvenile Nonfiction/J578.7699/The) by Rod Theodorou
  • Life in an Ocean (Juvenile Nonfiction/J578.77/Lin) by Carol K. Lindeen
  • Coral Reefs (Juvenile Nonfiction J578.789/Gra) by Susan H. Gray
  • Seashore Babies (Juvenile Nonfiction/J591.39/Dar) by Kathy Darling
  • By the Seashore (Juvenile Nonfiction /J591.699/Pau) by Tessa Paul
  • Animals of the Sea and Shore (Juvenile Nonfiction/J591.769/Squ) by Ann Squire
  • Fish Sleep but Don't Shut Their Eyes (Juvenile Nonfiction/J591.77/Ber) by Melvin Berger
  • Sea Critters (Juvenile Nonfiction/J591.77/Ear) by Sylvia A. Earle
  • ABC Under the Sea: An Ocean Alphabet (Juvenile Nonfiction /J591.77/Kno) by Barbara Knox
  • Into the A, B, Sea (Juvenile Nonfiction/J591.77/Ros) by Deborah Lee Rose
  • Oceans (Juvenile Nonfiction/J591.77/Sti) by Darlene Stille
  • Snapshots: the Wonders of Monterey Bay (Juvenile Nonfiction/J591.7743/Man) by Celeste Mannis
  • Dive! A Book of Deep Sea Creatures (Juvenile Nonfiction/J591.777/Ber) by Melvin Berger
  • Fishy Tales (Juvenile Nonfiction/J591.7789/Fis) reading consultant Linda Gambrell
  • Along a Rocky Shore (Juvenile Nonfiction/J591.9094/Rin) by Judith E. Rinard
  • Sea Anemones (Juvenile Nonfiction/J593.6/Sto) by Lynn M. Stone
  • Down in the Sea: Jellyfish (Juvenile Nonfiction/J593.7/Kit) by Patricia Kite
  • Starfish (Juvenile Nonfiction/J593.93/Hur) by Edith Thatcher Hurd
  • Spiny Sea Stars (Juvenile Nonfiction/J593.93/Zuc) by Christine Zuchora-Walske
  • Sea Stars (Juvenile Nonfiction/J593.93/Sch) by Lola M. Schaefer
  • Is This a House for Hermit Crab? (Juvenile Nonfiction/J595.3/McD) by Megan McDonald
  • Let's Go to the Beach (Juvenile Nonfiction/J796.53/Hil) by Mary Hill
  • About Fish: A Guide for Children (Juvenile Nonfiction/J597/Sil) by Catheryn Sill
  • Into the Sea (Juvenile Nonfiction/J597.92/Gui) by Brenda Z. Guiberson
  • Whales (Juvenile Nonfiction/J599.5/Rob) by Claire Robinson
  • Baby Whales Drink Milk (Juvenile Nonfiction /J599.525/Esb) by Barbara Esbensen
  • Friendly Dolphins (Juvenile Nonfiction/J599.53/Fow) by Allan Fowler


  • La Orilla del Mar (Spanish Lang. J Nonfiction /J/577.699/Gar) by Peter Garland
  • OcÃ?©anos : Mundos Submarinos (Spanish Lang. J Nonfiction/J/578.77/Sal) by Laura Purdie Salas
  • Who Lives in the Sea? = Ã?¿QuiÃ?©n Vive en el Mar? (Spanish Lang. Picture Books/E/Rosa-Mendoza ) by Gladys Rosa-Mendoza


  • The Little Mermaid: an Original Walt Disney Records Soudtrack (Juvenile CD‘s/J789.1542/Little)
  • Wiggle Bay: Dancing in the Sand (Juvenile CD‘s/J789.4/Wiggles)
  • Ocean Surf: Timeless and Sublime (Adult CD‘s/789.159/Ocean)


  • Rainbow Fish (Juvenile DVDs /J649.5/Rainbow)
  • Rainbow Fish: The Three Fishkateers (Juvenile DVDs/J649.5/Rainbow)
  • Wiggle Bay (Juvenile DVDs/J782.42/Wiggles)
  • Finding Nemo (Juvenile DVDs/J791.433/Finding)
  • Little Mermaid (Juvenile DVDs /J791.433 /Little)
  • Little Mermaid 2 (Juvenile DVDs /J791.433/Little)
  • Wish Upon a Starfish: Ariel's Songs and Stories (Juvenile DVDs /J791.433/Wish)
  • Elmo's World: The Great Outdoors (Juvenile DVDs /J791.45/Elmo)
  • One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish (Juvenile DVDs /J813/One)

Teacher Resources

  • Oceans and Art Activities (Juvenile Nonfiction/J551.46/Sac) by Janet Sacks

Fingerplays, Crafts & Activities


Crafts & Activities

  • A to Z Kids Stuff — Art, science, dramatic play activities for ocean themes
  • First School — Fish themed preschool activities and crafts
  • Pre-K Pages — A list of books, craft activities, and songs related to ocean themes

Coloring Pages