What Volunteers Do

Help is needed with all kinds of tasks, some simple and some more technical, some helping the public and some behind the scenes.

The CU Volunteer site lists all of our current volunteer needs. Just do a “Search by agency/organization,” and choose Champaign Public Library.

Help is needed with all kinds of tasks, some simple and some more technical. Volunteers can be found in most of the library’s departments, at both the Main Library and Douglass Branch. Opportunities include:

  • working with patrons, from children to seniors, at special events
  • helping computer users at the library
  • working with library staff behind the scenes
  • helping keep our materials and our buildings in good shape
  • working with books, DVDs, and other library materials

Home Delivery

Our dedicated Home Delivery volunteers travel all over town delivering materials to customers who aren’t able to leave their homes. They provide their own vehicles as well as their time.

When Volunteers Work

We’ll work with you to schedule your volunteering at a time that’s convenient for you. In general, you’ll volunteer sometime during the library’s open hours.

FriendShop Helpers

Separate from our volunteer program are those people who help in our FriendShop bookstore with sorting donated books and cashiering during open hours. Read more.

Volunteers Testify

Here's what three different volunteers say about the Champaign Public Library:

“One of the best features about volunteering here is the work environment. The staff is very friendly, supportive and full of energy, they inspire and motivate me a lot. They trained me really well and went above and beyond to teach me new skills and techniques....To volunteer at this library is one of the best decisions I have ever made!”

“The staff I spoke to about volunteering were also very friendly and welcoming. Another plus was that applying to become a volunteer was much easier than other places.... After I became a volunteer, I learned a lot and found that I loved working in a public library.”

“Champaign Public Library is a great place to start working when you first come to Champaign. Great bunch of warm and welcoming staff with lovely smiles is really the best part of all.... It's a great opportunity to learn new things every day.”