Investment Information

Morningstar Investment Research Center
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Determine the best ways to invest your money, track progress of particular funds, and compare favorite stocks, funds or ETFs. Includes analysts’ opinions, ratings, tax analysis, risk measures, and fees and expenses. Get financial data on more than 7,500 companies and 23,000 funds. The interactive classroom teaches basic and advanced stock and fund portfolio techniques. Special reports cover key topics, from retirement to the basics of exchange-traded funds and options.

Wall Street Journal Online
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See articles from the Wall Street Journal issue by issue, or search topics from today back to 1984. At home, use your library card number to enter the Proquest site. Click the Wall Street Journal link. For access: Type in all 14 digits of your Champaign library card number. (No card? Use this at the library.)

Standard & Poor’s home & in-library use
Access the latest information from Standard & Poor’s: independent research, data, and commentary on stocks, bonds, funds, and industries. Includes Industry Surveys; Stock, Bond, and Mutual Fund Reports; Corporation Records; Register of Corporations, Directors, and Executives; and The Outlook. Also helpful for job searches, strategic planning, competitive intelligence, academic research. For access: username = champaign; password = all 14 digits of your Champaign library card number (no spaces)

Illinois Public Records in-library use only
An easy way to search Champaign County and northern Illinois counties for information on recent real estate transactions, new and refinanced mortgages, new business licenses, and newly filed or discharged bankruptcies. For access: For use only at the library.