Champaign-Urbana Restaurant Inspections

Description: According to the Champaign-Urbana Public Health Department, Environmental Health staff conduct unannounced routine inspections of all food establishments in Champaign County. During the inspection process, their sanitarians complete a Food Service Evaluation.

The following “Contributing Factors” have been identified by the federal Centers for Disease Control & Prevention as the leading causes of foodborne illness in the United States. Our inspectors will note all contributing factors observed during their unannounced, routine operational inspections of local food services. Ideally, each food establishment will reduce its number of contributing factors to ZERO.

Contributing Factors include: Foods from unsafe sources (such as home-prepared foods, foods from unlicensed processors), Inadequate cooking (for example: undercooked beef, poultry, eggs), Improper holding temperatures (food not kept hot enough in buffet lines, for example, or refrigeration problems, or inoperable steam tables, etc.), contaminated equipment (such as cutting boards used for poultry and not cleaned before cutting vegetables), and Poor personal hygiene (for example: employees not washing their hands or smoking, eating or drinking in the kitchen).

Our “Good Sanitation Symbol“ is a sign of compliance. The fewer CONTRIBUTING FACTORS noted during an inspection, the more “Good Sanitation Symbols” that facility will receive.

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Date Last Revisited: 12/04/09