Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Description: The Champaign Fire Department reminds citizens of new legislation requiring carbon monoxide alarms in all residences by January 1, 2007 with a fact sheet and a speaker‘s bureau available to discuss carbon monoxide, CO alarms and the new legislation.

From 2001–2006, Champaign fire fighters responded 464 times to calls involving carbon monoxide alarms. Twenty-five percent (117) of the calls identified CO as a true emergency, with 35 of the calls registering readings of 50 ppm or higher and 82 of the calls registering readings of 1 to 50 ppm. An alarm will sound at 35 ppm to warn people to leave the area and call 9–1-1 for help.

If Champaign citizens have questions or want someone to speak to a group, they should contact DC Tim Wild at 217–403-7204.

A copy of the carbon monoxide fact sheet can be obtained by calling 217–403-7212.

A new law passed by the Illinois General Assembly becomes effective January 1, 2007 mandating every “dwelling unit“ have at least one working carbon monoxide alarm within 15 feet of each room used for sleeping.”

Dena Schumacher
(217) 403–7212
(217) 202–8965

Deputy Chief Tim Wild
Fire Prevention Division Coordinator
(217) 403–7204

Please also see the Illinois Department of Public Health for further information about Carbon Monoxide poisoning and the new Illinois law.

For a copy of the actual legislation behind the new Carbon Monoxide Alarm law (Public Act 94–741) please see the following website.

Source: City of Champaign
Illinois Department of Public Health
Carbon Monoxide Alarm Law
Date Last Revisited: 12/04/09