Business Licenses and Permits

Description: See the City of Champaign website for details on the following licenses and permits:

Liquor: The Liquor Commissioner is the Mayor in Champaign, and the bulk of the regulations pertaining to licensed establishments are contained in Chapter 5 of the City Code.

Restaurants/Food service: Restaurant Licenses for the City of Champaign are issued by the Champaign -Urbana Public Health District by a joint agreement.

Taxi: Taxicab and Taxi Driver Licenses for the City of Champaign are issued by the City of Urbana by a joint agreement.

Signs: The Zoning Ordinance regulates business signs, and has been incorporated as Chapter 37 of the City Code.

Other Licenses: All of the following licenses are issued by the City of Champaign Finance Department, (217)403–8940. Itinerate merchants/peddlers, Raffles, Alarm Systems, Commercial Haulers, Junk Yards, Relocators (tow truck operators), Places of Amusement, Going out of business sales, Pawn shops/second hand goods, Masseuse/masseur, Massage establishment, Ambulance Services, Carnivals, Charitible Solicitors

Other Permits: See Permits and Codes for building, subdivision, erosion control codes and permits. Other Champaign permits (demolition, HVAC, tent, house moving, etc.) can be found here.

Source: City of Champaign
Date Last Revisited: 4/29/2010