Landfill Capacity Report

Description The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) released the 2005 Annual Landfill Capacity Report. The report provides information on solid waste disposal sites in the State. Information is provided for each of the 7 State regions; Champaign is one of 19 counties included in the Region 4 area.

Considering current generation rates and State-permitted landfill capacity, the report concludes that overall landfill capacity is 19 years. This capacity varies across the State, with the Chicago area estimated at 9 years and Southern Illinois at 51 years. The 9 active landfills in Region 4 are estimated to have 17 years capacity. Two landfills close to Champaign have remaining capacity estimated at 20 years (Danville) and 3 years (Clinton).

Overall, remaining capacity declined in both the State (1 percent) and Region 4 (4.6 percent) in 2005. The full report can be reviewed at the IEPA web site.

Source: The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency

Date Last Revisited: 1/4/07