Prairie Plants


  • Camp Silos — Lesson plans for teachers, quick facts and information for kids, plus puzzles and games
  • Environmental Education for Kids — Pictures of prairie plants and animals are included on this site just for kids, produced in Wisconsin
  • The Tallgrass Prairie in Illinois — A very thorough site on the Illinois prairie produced by the Illinois Natural History Survey
  • North American Prairies Plants — A resource for information on prairie plants such as: Big Bluestem Grass, Blue Grama Grass, Buffalo Grass, Fleabane, Indian Grass, Milkweed, Purple Coneflower, Stinging Nettle


  • Grassland (Juvenile Nonfiction/J574.5/Ric) by Edward R. Ricciuti
  • Grasslands (Juvenile Nonfiction/J577.4/Gra) by Susan Heinrichs Gray
  • Grassland Buffet (Juvenile Nonfiction/J577.416/Lun) by Julie K. Lundgren
  • Grasslands (Juvenile Nonfiction/J578.74/Sti) by Darlene R. Stille