Books by Rebecca Caudill

Barrie and Daughter (1943)
Happy Little Family (1947)
Tree of Freedom (1949)
Schoolhouse in the Woods (1949)
Up and Down the River (1951)
Saturday Cousins (1953)
The House of the Fifers (1954)
Susan Cornish (1955)
Schoolroom in the Parlor (1959)
Time for Lissa (1959)
Higgins and the Great Big Scare (1960)
The Best-Loved Doll (1962)
The Far-Off Land (1964)
A Pocketful of Cricket (1964)
A Certain Small Shepherd (1965)
Did You Carry the Flag Today, Charley? (1966)
My Appalachia (1966)
Contrary Jenkins written with James Ayars (1969)
Come Along! (1969)
Somebody Go and Bang a Drum (1974)
Wind, Sand, and Sky (1976)

Rebecca Caudill at her desk