Champaign-Urbana Restaurants - Complaint

Description: If you have a complaint about a local restaurant, contact the Champaign-Urbana Public Health District. Their website gives the following directions for lodging a complaint:

To lodge a food service facility complaint, we need the following information: The name of facility along with the street and city since many food services have more than one location in the county, and the date and time of your visit. Did you talk to someone at the facility regarding your complaint? If yes, please identify that person. eg . Garry, the night manager; Sue, the hostess; etc.

The method which you file your complaint directs the manner of its investigation.

  • A suspect Food Related illness or injury must be immediately directed to our C.D. Investigator Rachella Thompson by calling 217.531.4271 during normal work hours, after hours/weekends/holidays please call 217.531.3386.
  • An anonymous complaint will be investigated during the next routine operational inspection of the facility. Depending on the timing of your visit and subsequent complaint, it may be up to several months before an anonymous complaint will be investigated.
  • A formal complaint is made when you supply your name, address and phone number along with the complaint. This information is confidential and is NOT released to anyone, unless you indicate that you want it to be released. No indication regarding release automatically means that you do NOT want your name, address, or phone number released.

Formal complaints regarding situations that may be hazardous to the public‘s health and safety are investigated as soon as possible, and routinely less than 24 hours after receipt. Formal complaints that deal with items that are not generally regarded as immediate hazardous to the public‘s health and safety will be investigated within one (1) week.

You may call our offices at 217.373.7900 for facilities located in Champaign or Urbana and 217.363.3269 for facilities located outside of the cities yet inside Champaign County. You may also fill out an online complaint form.

Source: Champaign-Urbana Public Health Department
Date Last Revisited: 2/1/07