Sample new books by e-mail: Online Book Clubs

Online Book Clubs are an easy way to try new books. Just pick the kind of books you like — mysteries, nonfiction, etc. — and excerpts come in your e-mail automatically.

How it works

  • Sign up and choose the kinds of books you want to receive.
  • A five-minute sample of a book comes by e-mail each weekday.
  • By the end of a week, you’ll have 2 or 3 chapters. If you liked the book, get it at the library! If you didn’t, never mind…a new book starts the next Monday!

To get started

Go to the Online Book Clubs website. Enter your e-mail address. Choose the types of books you‘d like to try. Categories to choose from are:

  • audiobooks
  • fiction
  • business
  • science fiction
  • nonfiction
  • romance
  • mystery
  • pre-publication
  • teen
  • good news (inspirational)
  • horror