Cloud Library eBooks and Audiobooks

You'll find Cloud Library eBooks and audiobooks when you search our catalog. Read them and browse for more with the easy-to-use Cloud Library app.

Get the free Cloud Library app

  • Find Cloud Library eBooks and audiobooks in the library catalog, or with the free Cloud Library app.
  • Use the Cloud Library app to read/listen to them. It's compatible with most computers and mobile devices.* Also use the app to browse, check out, and request.
  • Check out for 2 weeks
  • Limit of 5 items checked out at a time, and 7 on hold
  • Can return items early, from a mobile device
  • For Champaign Public Library cardholders

*Kindle users, note: Compatible only with newer Kindle Fires; to find library eBooks for other Kindles, try My Media Mall.

Find Cloud Library eBooks in the Catalog

  • To see a list of all Cloud Library eBooks and audiobooks in the catalog, click the "eBooks & Audiobooks" link, then click the cloud logo.
  • To see if a specific title is available as an eBook or audiobook, search for the item. Under the “Narrow Your Search” options, see if eBook or audio ebook is an option.

The library's Cloud Library eBook & audiobook collection is made possible by funding from the Library Friends.