Building / Zoning Permits & Codes

Before you start construction, learn about the necessary permits and rules for building and zoning in Champaign County.

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345s – legal guides to building codes

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  • International Building Code, 2009 (Nonfiction/343.73/Int)
  • Illinois Plumbing Code, 2004 (Nonfiction/343.773/Ill)
  • NEC 2008, National Electrical Code (Reference/R/343.73/Nat)
  • International Residential Code, 2009 (Reference/R/343.73/Int)
  • International Fuel Gas Code, 2009 (Reference/R/343.73/Int)
  • International Fire Code, 2009 (Reference/R/343.73/Int)
  • International Mechanical Code, 2009 (Reference/R/343.73/Int)

Fast facts from our info pros:

Abandoned Automobiles


City Municipal Code prohibits vehicles that have not been moved or used for more than 3 days, have broken windows or flat tires, or lack current registration from parking on City streets or public property. Also prohibited are vehicles parked in a City parking lot or in a metered space 24 hours in excess of the parking limit for that lot or meter.

Business License


How do you start a new business? The City of Champaign website has many sources of information for new business owners.

Building Code


Location of where to find the Champaign building code

City of Champaign Business Licenses and Permits


Details about the following City of Champaign licenses and permits: liquor, restaurant/food service, taxi, signs, and other business licenses.

Neighborhood Services Department


The Property Maintenance Division of the Champaign Neighborhood Services Department is responsible for the maintenance and preservation of existing structures in the community through enforcement of property maintenance codes and coordination of efforts to achieve compliance with the City‘s blight and nuisance abatement programs.

Liquor License


Find details about obtaining a liquor license.

Special Event Permits


Permits are required for all neighborhood block parties, parades, outdoor parties with live music, races, or any event, which uses the public way or is on public property.

Work Permits for Teenagers


According to the State of Illinois, To protect the safety of Illinois teenagers, and place a priority on their education, minors age 14 or 15 may work, but not without first obtaining an Employment Certificate from their local high school or school administration office.

Home-Based Business


According to the City of Champaign, regulations in the Zoning Ordinance limit home occupations in order that they not conflict with surrounding residences.