Annual Report 2012-13

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Paula Kaufman

“Every community depends on and is defined by its public library. The Champaign Public Library is a magnet, a haven, a jewel that enriches the quality of our lives immensely.”

— Paula Kaufman, University Librarian 1999-2013; Professor, University Library

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* We value community

* We value a great quality of life

* We value education

* We value access & opportunity

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Annual Report 2012-13  |  July 1, 2012–June 30, 2013

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Library Board of Trustees Mark Ballard, President
Rochelle A. Funderburg, 
Vice President
Scott MacAdam, Treasurer
Minnie Pearson, Secretary
Tony Howard
Paula Kaufman 
Michael J. La Due 
Jan Simon  

Champaign City Council
Don Gerard, Mayor
Thomas A. Bruno
Marci Dodds
Paul Faraci
Deborah Frank Feinen
Karen Foster
Will Kyles
Michael J. La Due
Vic McIntosh

City Administration
Dorothy David, City Manager Craig Rost, Deputy City Manager
Joan Walls, Deputy City Manager

Library Administration Marsha Grove, Director

As of June 30, 2013