Annual Report 2010-2011

2010-2011 Foundation Donors

Private gifts will keep our award-winning library strong, especially in difficult economic times. We thank these individuals and organizations for their gifts received this past fiscal year (July 1, 2010, to June 30, 2011).

Special Benefactors

Gifts of $1,000 or more

BankChampaign, N.A.


Community Foundation of East Central Illinois

Stuart and Mary Cravens

Trisha Crowley

Wesley and Laura Curtis

Russ and Jane Dankert

Jason and Lynnette Dodds

Robert and Mary Ann Espeseth

Franklin I. and Irene List Saemann Foundation

Rusty and Jill Freeland

Champaign Public Library Friends

Bill and Cele Gaines

George and Ondine Gross

Jim and Nancy Heins

Bruce and Jan Hinely

Susan Hinesly

Illinois American Water

Mary E. Jones

Martin Kamerer

Ed Kelly

Shahid and Ann Khan

Chuck and Annette Lansford

Richard L. McDonald

Helen F. McPhee Trust

Meyer Charitable Foundation

Michael J. Carragher Trust

Donald E. Moyer Jr.

Craig, Leslie, Lauren, Alec, and Brady Neitzel

Jean S. Rowland

Tom and Diane O'Rourke

Kip and Janet Pope


Jason Scott and Maria Gillombardo

Elizabeth Small

R. Merle Stauffer

Jon and Kendra Stewart

Edith Ann Stotler


Jeff and Shari Wampler

Jeffrey and Charlotte Wandell

B. Joseph and Mary P. White

Marilyn Whittaker

Library Supporters

Dick Adams and Pat Januszki

Amy Al-Shabibi

James and Ruth Anderson

Maricela Arce

Beth A. Auterman

Kashmira Avashia

Allen and Elaine Avner

June A. Ayers

Barbara V. Badger

M.L. and Leslie C. Baker

Mark Ballard

Mildred L. Barnett

S. Eugene and Kathleen A. Barton

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bauer

Susan Bekiares

Dorothy Bell

Ken Bengoechea and Nancy Johnson

Freda Birnbaum

Mary Bissey

Judi Blaford

Charles Blair

Denny and Pam Blake

John Jeffery Blue

Joyce Bohrer

Jill Bouvet

Mark and Jennifer Brandyberry

Marvin and Doreen Brigoli

Barry and Elsie Brindley

Colleen Brodie

Roy and  Ann Campbell

Kate Carey

Aaron Carlin

Steve and Donna Carter

Champaign Country Club

Champaign Public Library Staff

Champaign-Urbana Herb Society

Champaign West Rotary Charities

Tim Clark and Vonne Ortiz

Harold and Gladys Colbert

Mary H. Council

C-U Junior Woman's Club

Jean Daly

Larry and Paul Damski

Davis Family

James and Laurie Dey

Nanette Donohue

B.A. and Christine Dunn

Robert and Barbara Dunton

Hope A. Eastin

Dan and Kris Eaton

Michelle L. Eaton

Ann Einhorn

Dr. and Mrs. E. Richard Ensrud

Anne Erdmann

Sharon Fabert

Tom and Sue Falender

Victor and Judith Feldman

First Church of Christ Scientist

First Federal Savings Bank of Champaign-Urbana

Connie Fisher

Thelma Fite

Mary Ann Ford

Peter and Kim Fox

James and Mary Gannaway

Jim and Mars Gentry

Henry Gerlach

Joseph Giblin

Joli Ginsberg

Mary Giuffre

Mary Z. Glockner

George Gollin and Melanie Loots

Mr. and Mrs. E.R. Gordon

Richard and Carol Grabher

Daphne Greaves

Marsha Grove

Ernest and  Lois Gullerud

Ken and Kimiko Gunji

Lippold and Beth Haken

Fred and Michele Halenar

Michael and Elizabeth Hannan

Connie Harbaugh

Andy Harner

Essie Harris

Nancy Harrison

Allen and Susan Hartter

Andrew Hatch and Family

Bill and Nancy Hatch

Lavana Hawkins

Jane A. Hays

John and Barbara Hecker

Jim Heidbreder

Richard and Gloria Helfrich

Rob and Jackie Henss

David and Marilyn Himmel

Michael and Debra Hirschi

Kristina Hoerner

Shirley S. Hoffman

Brenda E. Holthoff

Mary Ann Hood

Trina Howard

Robert and Betty Hughes

Laura E. Huth

Bob Illyes

Judy Jackson

Howard and Elaine Jacobson

Kevin and Kay Jamieson

Karen Jannusch

James and Ruth Jesso

Julia M. Johnson

William and Judith Johnson

Barbara J. Jonas

Eileen Jones

John and Sandra Jones

Mike and Lyn Jones

Kathie Kading

Jim and Maxine Kaler

Paula Kaufman

David and Deborah Keith

Laura C. Keller

Theresa Kennedy

Jay and Rosalyn Kesan

Jan Kiley

Edward and Betty Kmoch

Nori I. Komorita

Andrew F. Kopec

Charles and Joan Kozoll

David and Elizabeth Krchak

Linda Larson

Chuck and Sarah Lee

Susan Lerner

Helen Levin

Dennis Lewis and Mary McGrath

Jing Lin

Eva Liu

Franklin D. Longfellow

Nancy Lopeman

Leslie Lundy

Charles F. Luthy

Molly MacRae

Bonnie L. Markiewicz

Martin Hood Friese & Associates LLC

Jack and Nancy Martin

Miriam Marx

Pat Mathews

Ruairi McEnroe

Mark and Melinda McHale

Bruce and Sharon Meachum

Chuck and Faith Meece

Scott Meyer and  Beth Shirk

Dorothy Mikucki

George and Diane Miller

Sallie Miller

Brian and Barbara Minsker

Fred and Audrey Mohn

Janice Moment

Jason and Lana Montgomery

Dennis and Barbara Muncy

John and Cara Finnegan Murphy

Donald and Kathryn Nelson

Richard and Judith Nelson

Robert and Valerie Nelson

Mrs. Lee Nettnin

Marilyn J. Nichols

Joe Niernberger

Chris Noffsinger

Terry and Margaret Noonan

Jeanette Nugent

Robert O'Daniell

Edward and Carolyn Ogen

Trish Ohlsson

T. Doug Olive

Elizabeth Otto

Jan Otto

Robert Overstreet

Minnie Pearson

George and Mary Perlstein

Jean Peters

Mary C. Petry

Connie A. Phillips

Lauren Pirkle

Donna Pittman

Patricia T. Procter

Theresa Quick

Stacy Rachel

Brian and Gloria Rainer

Dave and Japhia Ramkumar

Barbara Ramsey

Stan Rankin

Melissa Records

Shane and Jean Reinneck

Dan and Helen Richards

Selma K. Richardson

Vickie Richardson

Dorothy Riehle

Grant and Jennifer Robbennolt

Walt and Phyllis Robbins

Mike Rogalla

Richard and Barbara Rook

John and Linda Ross

Jean S.  Rowland

Linda Safanie-Crain

Nicole Sambor

Frank Scantlebury

Ida Scarce

Yvette Scheven

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Schneider

Andy and Charlotte Schuchart

Dawn Schultz

Bob and Lanita Schuster

Score, Champaign Chapter

Score, Northern Illinois Chapter

Susan Searing

Fred, Cathy, Keith, Ryan, and Kristin Segovich

Kenneth C. and Joan F. Sensenbrenner

Seward Book Club

David and Julie Sherwood

Robert Sherwood and Renee Romano

Jan Simon

Bob and Marge Skirvin

Larry and Barbara Slanker

Joy Specht

Betty Spero

Todd, Holly, Kaylee, and  Mary Spinner

Mr. and Mrs. William E. Stallman

Henriette Stegemeier

Allan and Cecile Steinberg

Philip and Roxanne Stirrett

Anne Stukes

Betsy Su

Lila E. Sullivan

Sunrise Rotary Club

E. Talbot

The Book Club

Lott and SuAnn Thomas

Bob and Peggy Thompson

John H. Walter and Joy C. Thornton-Walter

Geraldine Tierney

Vernon and Gudney Tock

Walter and Jean Tousey

Allan and Patricia Tuchman

Thomas S. and Julia Ulen

Mark  Villaloboz

Michael and Lila Vodkin

Robert and Emily Watts

James and Amelia Weber

Kathleen Weibel

Sonia A. Weissman

Richard Wentworth

Warren Wessels

Lillian L. Whittingham

Dorothy Wiggs

Mark and Stacy Wisniewski

Charles Wisseman

Jerry Wray

Gerald T. Yaxley

John W. Young

Eileen C. Zemlin

Craig and Julie Zilles

Tribute Gifts


In Honor of

Mark Ballard

Sandra Jones

Marie Elisabeth Peterson


In Memory of

Clint Atkins

Michael Carragher

Donald S. Charlton

Clyde Daniel Eaton

Sara Gatewood

Hazel Hambrick

Robert Harris

Duane Johnson

Pat and Margaret Kennedy

Tim and Mary Kennedy

Lois Kruenegel

Kathryn Lietz

Myron Ochs

Dorothy Pollock

Mildred Scarce

Robert S. Shierry

Jerry Sidwell

Daniel J. Sullivan


Thank You!

We’ve done our best to list names correctly here. However, if you find an error, please accept our apologies and let us know so that we can correct our records. Call Library Administration at 217/403–2050.