Library Financial Statements 08-09

Douglass Branch Library


Local Government, City of Champaign (property taxes): $5,793,077 (91.2%)
State Government: 115,791 (1.8% )
Federal Government: 36,861 (0.6%)
Other (endowment, interest income, gifts, fees, etc.): 410,001 (6.4%)
TOTAL $6,355,730


Salaries, Wages, Benefits: $4,579,483 (67.9%)
Operating Expenses: 1,227,682 (18.2%)
Materials (books, etc.) : 888,440 (13.2%)
Capital Outlay: 51,462 (0.7%)
TOTAL $6,747,067

Grants Awarded
Total: $169,602

  • $91,042 — Illinois State Library Per Capita Grant Program, for books and other library materials
  • $15,600 — Rotary Club of Champaign, Joseph H. Cannon Memorial Fund, for “Read Me a Future” packets given to parents of newborns
  • $15,000 — Community Foundation of East Central Illinois and the Marajen Stevick Foundation, for third and fourth grade reading initiative at Garden Hills Elementary School
  • $14,000 — Illinois State Office of the Attorney General, for the purchase of compact discs
  • $12,000 — The National Endowment for the Arts, in support of a community reading program featuring The Maltese Falcon
  • $12,000 — Illinois State Library, for Project Next Generation middle school mentoring program
  • $5,500 — Lincoln Trail Library System, for testing of WorldCAT Direct
  • $3,000 — Franklin I. and Irene List Saemann Foundation, for children‘s progams and collections
  • $1,250 — Illinois State Library Share of Family Literacy Plus, for children‘s books and storytime materials
  • $210 — Illinois Arts Council, for storyteller performance

”I love that I can get to know so many of the patrons who come in to the Douglass Branch Library every day. Seeing their smiles, being able to greet them by name, and having them reply in kind helps build the relationships that make the Branch such an important part of the community. When patrons, whether old or young, know there are people at Douglass ready and willing to help them to find that movie, learn how to use that website, or read that book with them, their eagerness to visit and use the Branch grows.”

Amanda Raklovits
Douglass Branch Library

Amanda Raklovits