A Bright Spot for Living

Patrons at the Champaign Public Library

Questions Answered: 147,482
Computer Uses: 167,551
Meeting Room Uses: 6,841

In ways ranging from the life-changing to the intangible, the library gave a big boost to everyday life in our community. Close to 7,000 events and meetings held in library spaces made us a center of community interaction. As more information and communication moved online, we became a lifeline for people without computers. The Big Read's invitation to read The Maltese Falcon brought people together for the fun of reading the first detective novel — and viewing the classic film on the big screen. Consumer Reports, Mango Languages, and the Optimal Resume tool expanded our online offerings of free learning tools to help people succeed at work and in pursuit of personal interests. And along the way, our staff served as friendly guides, ensuring that library users always had help at hand.

“I remember one gentleman who was told by his supervisors that he could receive a promotion to shift leader, if he would just apply for it. But he had never touched a computer in his life, and the company only accepted online applications. He was understandably frightened and frustrated. We were able to help him through the process, and he left not only having applied for the job, but also having accomplished what was initially an overwhelming task. To see the look in someone‘s eyes change from panic to calm satisfaction — that‘s one of my favorite days at work.”

Lavana Hawkins
Adult Services

Lavana Hawkins